Health Programs

Below is a list of the 4 self-paced online health programs I currently offer. Each of them is 3 weeks in length but you have 90 days access to the program you purchase. I am constantly updating and adding important food and nutrition material because I strive to give value with detailed content in an organized manner.

As a functional nutrition coach and therapeutic chef, I want to provide you with food, nutrition, and updated behavioral concepts that will assist you in achieving long term, sustainable success.

I realize that some of you may need additional support. So on a case by case basis, I offer a hybrid solution that gives you the online program plus a support plan that is tailored to your needs. If you require a free 15 minute consultation, please go to my online calendar to make an appointment:

If you have purchased any of the online self-paced health programs below, you can click on the program to start learning valuable health concepts to achieve long-term health success:


If you have questions or want to know more feel free to do one of the following:

  1. Directly email me at
  2. Schedule a 15 to 20 minute appointment with me to get your questions answered. Reserve a time slot by clicking on the link below:
  3. You can attend my free webinar to learn valuable food and nutrition concepts, get a free recipe e-book, and learn about the benefits of the Vitality Cleanse program. 
  4. Read the full details of my created Vitality Cleanse program