Vitality Cleanse Program by HeartfulFoods

Gain Energy

Identify what foods are able to optimize your overall health and provide you with stable energy

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Lose Weight

Create a lifestyle without deprivation in order to obtain permanent and stable energy while losing weight naturally and gradually

Vitality Cleanse Info

Sustainable Lifestyle

Build a personalized lifestyle that creates long term & sustainable health success

Vitality Cleanse Info

Vitality Cleanse Testimonials

 I have totally embraced the Vitality Cleanse and am SOOOOO glad I signed up for those 21 days.  It really has changed my life so thank you for doing what you do!!!


I lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks! This cleanse was so different than other deprivation-based plans I’ve been on in the past. Not only was the food delicious, but I never felt hungry.


Great information and place to learn about foods and ways to stay healthy very simply!! You are doing a great service for our community.

Dr. Iris

Following this program I lost 10 pounds. while eating MORE! I’ve bounced from one diet to another over the years and I’ve never had results like this that actually felt like they’d STICK.


I replaced diet foods with more delicious, nutrient dense foods, and my cravings and mindless eating disappeared… and I lost 13 pounds in 12 weeks!


This program increased my ability to hone in on my
symptoms and relate them back to my diet. Thank you for
putting me on the right path to healthier eating!



The purpose of my self-paced Vitality Cleanse program is to help guide you to create a lifestyle without deprivation that allows you to obtain stable energy while losing weight naturally and permanently. I want you to function at optimal levels all while creating a sense of self confidence during your health journey. My goal is to equip you with knowledge so you’ll be self-sufficient in making the right lifestyle choices that promote long term health. You'll also learn to cook delicious and nutrient dense meals that are easy to prepare. Learn more...

Vitality Cleanse

My Passion For Health

For the majority of my life I thought I could get away with eating anything as long as I exercised. However, that "anything goes" eating lifestyle caught up with me. I began to feel fatigued and exhibited other unwanted symptoms. Finally, I went to a doctor and I was diagnosed as being vitamin and mineral deficient along with having prehypertension which explained why I was fighting fatigue and had a general feeling of malaise.

I made it my life’s work to educate myself about nutrition and cooking practices. I eventually quit my job to attend a functional nutrition school and a culinary school. I was able to say goodbye to all my health issues by applying my newfound knowledge. This education provided me the knowledge to make beneficial lifestyle changes, which resulted in unlimited energy and optimal health. I no longer have any health issues.

I now use these valuable food and nutrition concepts so my clients can create a personalized lifestyle promoting lasting and sustainable health.

Brandon Drake
Functional Nutrition Coach
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Free Health Webinar

Webinar Testimonials

Brandon is really knowledgeable and approachable. His enthusiasm is contagious! You’ll be excited about making healthy changes to your diet after attending his webinars and meeting him!


If you think you understand about food and wellness there is probably a lot more you can learn from Brandon. Things that you didn't know you didn't know!


This webinar gave me information about the things causing me to feel tired and sluggish. It has helped me make healthier choices as to what I put in my body and most importantly giving me better health!


Brandon educates his clients in a very simple way and the stories he tells throughout his presentation is something we can all relate too. He is passionate about educating us about our health and getting us feeling good again.I love all his knowledge about nutrition and his "food as medicine" approach. For those of you struggling with fatigue or weight gain, etc, reach out to him.Brandon is valuable! He has programs in place to get you to better health, and he is warm and friendly. Reach out to him as I know you won't be disappointed!!